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 Expectation from members

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Expectation from members Empty
PostSubject: Expectation from members   Expectation from members Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 6:47 pm

All Members are here by agree to accept the rules by following. If you disagree with something please contact me (Demoa)

The conditions below are non-negotiable. They cannot be changed, and are required of each and every member. If you repudiate or neglect to follow any of these conditions, a reprimand will be issued and may include suspension of your privileges, temporarily or permanently.

1. You must be registered in our forums, with a complete profile, and to remain active on it by posting to any issues regarding yourself, something you witnessed, or any concerns/suggestions you have. This is the bare minimum.

2. You will follow any rules that may be initiated in the future.

3. You will show no prejudiced for offenders. All people breaking the rules will be warned, and if the problem requires a kick, a short written notice of the situation must be written to the leader. If witness a member breaking the rules, you will inform whoever is in-charge of the guild punishments at that time.

5. You must do anything within your powers to maintain the security and integrity of the guild. This can include, but is not limited to conflict resolution, team balancing, and helping players who need assistance. Most problems should be dealt with in the forums, however smaller issues can be dealt with in-game.

6. You promise not beg for stuff (free weapons, free money) Any reports of beggar will be kicked out of the guild.

7. You agree that you will check these guidelines for updates regularly, to know all regulations of our members. And clearly identify to a member if you think they do not know these guidelines. You will contact Demoa if ANYTHING is UNCLEAR to YOU.

8. You will TRY to contribute. This doesn't mean money, but help towards expansion projects, organizing events, and doing things that are above and beyond the bare minimum. A shining member is a good one. And if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.

9. You will not mislead players in performing commands on their machine that could erase, damage, or cause problems with a persons playing ability or overall health of their computer.

10. You will remain active in the servers and forums. You must make a minimum of 1 post per day in a 1 month rolling average. Keep in mind that monkeys can achieve this and we expect you to set your expectations higher.

11. If you’re going to be inactive for an extended time (1 week+) have fun! Just give a heads up.

12. You will not disrespect any clan members or their opinions in the general area. If you disagree with something, you will be proactive in choosing a diplomatic and mature way to have it resolved.

13. You are expected to answer questions in game that you know the answer to. You are not required to while your playing is in progress but try to answer.

14. You will NOT and I mean absolutely NOT call anyone names! This includes noob, Fug, Fugglet, retard, or anything else not nice. Even if it is in a joke you are to lead by example. Doing that encourages people to take it out of context and/or do it to others.

15. If you are assigned to a job and you fail to do the job, you will be punished by means of a demotion. Concurrent incidents will result in loss of rank and/or removal from the clan
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Expectation from members
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