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 Forum Policies!

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Forum Policies! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Policies!   Forum Policies! Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 6:17 pm

As a forum user you agree to follow these policies to the extent possible. Violation of these policies may result in being banned from the forums.

You agree not to use multiple forum accounts.

Your avatar or signature should be accepatable for all ages, no gruesome, or sexually explicit avatars or signatures. There is some leeway here but use common sense.

No racial slurs or anykind. (but you can swear, just not racial)
Your avatar should be of portrait style (ie taller than wider) not exceeding the dimensions of 170 width 210 height

Signature size should be no more than 600 width by 120 height recommend smaller, it should be in a landscape configuration.

You agree that all criticism of Hellknights must be positive in manner, (ie criticism because you want Hellknights to improve, and purhaps ways to improve).

Excessive double posting, or simple replies in order to increase post count may have consequences.

No advertizement!

Punishments for violation of forum rules (general):

1) Ignore (if a small infraction)
2) Warning(s)
3) Disabling of your account
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Forum Policies!
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