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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   Thu Dec 25, 2008 7:18 pm

This is Hellknights' rules.

I Will make this short and easy to remember. These simple requests/rules i'm making, I'm hoping to see every each one of members agree to it.

0) ENJOY THE GAME (This is my experience with all MMORPG, NO COMMUNICATION=NO FUN NO GAME!)

1)Respect. Any guild members/ upper rank members. This is must!

2)Always polite to those whom ask for an advise, or even help with quests. If you are busy and may not able to help, please tell em.

3)Do not provoke other guild members by using anykind of name calling, swearing, racial slurs.(Keep it clean) There will be consequences, if your name is
reported but will investigate until proven guilty.

4)No Begging, whining in chat. if you need help seek guild! It is guild's duty to help each other out. If they are busy, leave em alone. Please understand that you can't get everything in this world.

5)NO NINJA. NO NO NO. (Will post in different forum about the loot system amongst guild members)

6) This is just a game... you know what this mean. Don't take it personal.

7) Remember these rules.

Don't be pressured by these rules, this is easy going guild. Yet, Hoping to expend through out the game and be one of the best guild in game.
Order to grow and strong, WE MUST WORK TOGETHER!
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In-Game Rules
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